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Damián Ruíz – Jungian Psychologist and Analyst Barcelona and Online Spanish-Catalan-French-English

On this website you will find information in the form of videos, articles and descriptions about the psychotherapeutic work of Damián Ruiz, Psychologist (member of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia) and Jungian Analyst (member of IAAP, International Association of Analytical Psychology) who has his face-to-face consultation in Barcelona although international online consultation is done in different languages.

Damián Ruiz is also the director of a psychology center (IPITIA) in his city, has written psychological and literary works, and has taught as associate professor and master’s degree in two universities.

Therapeutic lines
Psychological therapy and specialty of Damián Ruíz

He works with problems such as obsessive disorder, for which he developed a specific, analytical-experiential method, cocaine addiction and other issues of some seriousness. But his main motivation is to help people to find themselves, get rid of unnecessary fears, integrating latent but not entirely known aspects, and deepen their being until they can glimpse the essential and archetypal elements that, if activated, can help them. to find your place in life.

All this through Jungian analysis, an eclectic and integrative psychotherapy and, in some cases, with activation techniques such as those described in the section “Freedom and Evolution”.

In the «Psychotherapy» section you will find a series of videos on different topics such as guilt, psychological therapy for severe and chronic cases, or one on genetic predisposition, in all of them you will be able to see and hear which is the psychological perspective in which it is based on Damián Ruiz to deal therapeutically with different disorders and problems.

The section «Jungian analysis» is brief insofar as it limits itself to describing what this therapeutic procedure consists of, understanding that the people who decide to carry it out are aware that it is a process of exploration of the unconscious with a clear intention: the liberation of being, the best and a more integrated expression of oneself in life, and a transcendent, conscious disposition of one’s own existence.

«Freedom and Evolution» is a method of psycho-corporal work that, starting from the non-psychopathology of the patient, allows through techniques derived from other disciplines to work with instinctive, emotional and physical expression, and with it awakens dormant forces and drives in order to acquire greater security and self-esteem (this is only done if the person is interested and analyzing the case).

Problems such as depression, also in severe and chronic cases, high anxiety or lack of meaning in life and the social isolation of young people are some of the issues on which he has also worked.

In the blog you can read from his presentation presented at the IAAP congress in Vienna, in 2019, to articles on social issues that can affect the psychic life of people, and in the «Books» section you can find both his works theater such as his books «Free the monkey, rescue the princess» and «How to stop, or make it stop, cocaine.»


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