Damián Ruiz

Psychologist (COPC) and Jungian Analyst (IAAP)
Specialist in severe and / or chronic cases
Barcelona – International Consultation

Intensive Treatment

Intensive treatments

Severe and resistant cases

Intensive treatments for severe and resistant cases (in Barcelona or international displacement).


Before the treatment

Possibility to make a free consultation online before the start of the treatment.

Full refund

Full refund (except travel and accommodation expenses) in case of no substantial improvement of the psychological disorder.

Maximum two weeks

The intensive treatment lasts at least one week and a maximum of two.

After the treatment

You can then continue therapy online with a member of the team led by Damián Ruiz.



Therapy in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

The Prometheic society and its enemies

The Prometheic society and its enemies:  “the other” as the awakener of the spirit in the shadow  Paper presented (originally in English) at the XXI Congress of the International Association of Analytical Psychology held in August 2019 in Vienna (Austria)   Damián...
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Trastorno narcisista

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is an especially serious problem because of the fact that most people who suffer from it have difficulties admitting they suffer from it.  We all know people that make big mistakes driven by their euphoria or enthusiasm. A blind trust...
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Tratamiento de la ludopatía

Treatment of Gambling Addictions

A gambling addiction is common in people that are stuck in a vital crisis. It is as if they would have lost all interest and motivation for the rest of their existence, as if nothing makes any sense to them anymore, except for betting and losing (winning is very...
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Cómo se cura la ludopatía

How to cure a gambling addiction?

A gambling addiction is the visible symptom of the underlying anxiety, angst, depression, or all three together. When someone goes to the slot machines, the bingo, or the casino in an addictive and compulsive manner, what he is doing is “distracting” the brain. Why?...
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Alternativa al suicidio

There is an alternative to suicide

I just read in the news that a young German ex-soccer player committed suicide, at the age of 33. Of all the articles I might read, those about suicides are the ones that impact me the most. I can only begin to understand them in the case of terminal illnesses that...
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Tratamiento de fobias y miedos

Treatment of Phobias and Fears

Fears and phobias can have different causes: 1-Traumatic experiences in the past. For example someone who felt threatened or got chases by a dog and has feared dogs ever since. Or someone who had a bad experience on a plane, for example a flight with a lot of...
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como dejar la cocaina

Cómo dejar o hacer que deje la cocaína

Book of Damián Ruiz

libro toc

Freeing the monkey, saving the princess

Book of Damián Ruiz

The analysis of the unconscious in the psychological treatment of serious cases

Discovering the psychic life that underlies a happy or suffering normality can become not only enriching from the perspective of self-knowledge but a source of real possibilities for transformation.

How to find your own identity?

Identity, however much the ideological currents prevailing today, is not capricious or chosen by letter, can not be anything, or yes, but paying the price of mental instability and permanent suffering.

What is considered to be a chronic or severe case in psychology?

One of the phrases I hear often is: “We’ve already tried everything.”

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"Science is much closer to myth than a scientific philosophy is prepared to admit. It is one of the many forms of thought that have been developed by man, and not necessarily the best."

Paul Feyerabend (Viena, 1924)