Damián Ruiz
  • Director of IPITIA (Institut Psicològic Internacional de Barcelona)
  • Professor of the master in Psychology and Analytical Psychotherapy at the C.G. Jung Institute of Barcelona.
  • Associate professor at the Personality department of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Barcelona.
  • Author of two books on psychology: “Cómo dejar, o hacer que deje, la cocaína.” (How to quit, or make someone quit, cocaine) (Ed.Áltera) and “Freeing the monkey, saving the princess” (Ed.Oriocc), and has written many articles, published in many different media about culture, society, politics and psychology.
  • Has treated patients from all over the world, patients who came to his practice to undergo intense and profound treatment sessions. He is specialized in serious cases and chronic cases that are considered to be incurable by the medical and psychological world.

My main interest after 20 years of therapeutic work is to intervene in complex, serious resistant and chronic cases in any area of psychopathology. It is clear that not everything is curable but it is also true that way more cases and disorders are curable than commonly thought. That’s why sometimes if you analyze a problem from a different perspective you will find that that is a base; a base from which you can deduce therapeutic interventions that will produce real transformations in the life, emotions and thoughts of the patient. However, in order to reach this kind of change it is necessary to walk away from the beaten and unfruitful track.

Damián Ruiz