Cómo dejar, o hacer que deje, la cocaína (How to quit, or make someone quit, cocaine)

(Ed. Áltera)

I gave this book the subtitle “a method of raising self-consciousness” because I understand that you can’t simply rely on motivation in order to quit this drug, even though motivation is fundamental in order to do so. There is however something that is even more important: not to need it anymore.

And in order to achieve this, in most cases, it is necessary to transform your life, and even to profoundly regenerate your values and life projects.

It is possible to quit cocaine but if life is not stimulating by itself; if you don’t reach a certain level of internal peace it can be very difficult.

To quit cocaine is to quit it forever.

Freeing the monkey, saving the princess

(Ed. Oriocc)

In this book you will find a new method which can help understand where an obsessive disorder comes from, which contents are most common and above all what changes you have to make so as to overcome it. The AFOP® method developed by Damián Ruiz, psychologist and director at IPITIA, the International Psychological Institute of Barcelona, does not settle with surviving and living with obsessions, nor simply managing them; it has shown itself to be highly effective and lead to a complete or near complete remission of the disorder in a great number of cases, that is to say it cures OCD. It is written in language that is simple to understand and accessible, so as to help readers understand the origins of this disorder, how it takes hold and how to overcome it. This is how we work at IPITIA ( the center I direct in Barcelona.