Es desde aquí que miro la luna

I wrote this play a while ago now and it has been awarded the “Premio Caja España” in 1999. It has been performed in Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Tunisia, Berlin, Lisbon (in Portuguese) and at the international theatre festival in Quebec (Canada) where one of the lead actor won the price for best male role.

The play is set in New York in the beginning of the 90’s, and starts with a causal encounter between two old  friends, who used to be classmates, in Central Park late at night. Their lives have led them through different paths but are they telling the truth about what really happened to them?

Contra el espejo

From the 10 theatre plays that I’ve written, two published, and four performed, this last one is in my opinion the best.

Inspired by the last years of Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist which has passed, this theatre play is about the decay of vital energy, about lack of affection, about transforming ideologies as well as social and individual decadence.

When Contra el espejo was performed in Sala Muntaner in Barcelona and played by Lita Claver “la Maña”, in one of her few on-stage roles, it was very much appreciated by the public, however completely ignored by the critics (there is no other explanation than that the play was very politically incorrect).