Psychologist and Jungian analyst in Barcelona and online.

About me

Director of the IPITIA (International Psychological Institute of Barcelona).
Professor of the master’s degree in analytical psychology at the Jung Institute and the UAB.
He was an associate professor in the Department of Personality of the Faculty of Psychology of the UB.

Author of two psychology books: “How to stop, or make me stop, cocaine.” (Ed.Áltera) and “Free the monkey, rescue the princess” (Ed.Oriocc), from various literary works as well as dozens of articles in different media.

He has treated patients at an international level, people who have come to his practice in Barcelona from different parts of the world to do intensive therapeutic work, especially serious cases that are assumed to be chronic or unsolvable due to their medical-psychological environment.

I was born in Barcelona, ​​in November 1964, in the San Antonio neighborhood. I graduated in Psychology at the University of Barcelona, ​​in which I later did a postgraduate degree, and of which I was an associate professor (thanks Dr. Mercedes Torres for the opportunity and support), later I began my training as a Jungian Analyst, which included a Master in Analytical Psychology at the Ramón LLull University of Barcelona. I am currently a member of the Institut Carl G. Jung of Barcelona and of the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology).

When I was a student, I read Jung’s “The Origin of Psychoses” and it was such an impression on me that I decided to follow that theoretical line until I became an analyst.

I like to write theater (some of my works have been professionally released), photography, contemporary art, cinema and musicals, especially classics. I do boxing, little but I do it. I am a pescetarian (ovolactovegetarian plus fish), among other reasons for a question of ethics towards animals.

I believe in economic freedom, in equal opportunities, in a country with strong institutions and in social justice. I am concerned about poverty and discrimination against people, whatever the reason.

Paris and New York are my favorite cities, but I deeply admire British culture and society.

I defend the individual (that is why I am writing this section) and their ability to create their own life and work on their destiny, as well as their belonging to communities where they feel free and respected, be it the family or others of free choice.

But above all, what I am most passionate about is helping people get out of psychic and emotional suffering, and I believe that my capacity for dedication and involvement is considerable. I do not judge lives or ideas, which can be completely opposite to mine, and I only question them if they generate pain or imbalance both to the same person and to others.

I am a non-practicing believer, and although it is difficult to justify the idea of ​​God, I have a strong enough faith that I have not questioned it under any circumstances, but obviously I never try to convince anyone of it.

I am bilingual Spanish-Catalan, and I speak French and English.


I subtitled this book “a method of personal awareness” because I understand that quitting this drug does not depend exclusively on the will, although it is also essential for it, but on something much more important: not needing it.

And to achieve this requires, in many cases, a transformation of one’s own life, even a deep regeneration of values and projects. It can be achieved but if life does not return to being stimulating by itself, if a certain level of inner peace is not reached it can become complicated.

To leave her is to leave her forever.

It can be purchased on Amazon.

In this book the AFOP (Drive Activation and Focusing) method that I developed for the treatment of obsessive disorder in all its varieties is shown in an informative way. It is a text aimed at people who suffer from it and their family or friends. The main ideas of how it originates, how it is installed in the psyche and what must be done to overcome it are exposed.

In itself, it is not a self-help manual, although there are specific tips with which I have tried to generate enough hope and confidence to think that OCD, in most cases, can be cured. This is how we do it at IPITIA (, the center that I run in Barcelona.

It can be purchased on Amazon.

Of the ten plays that I have written, two published and four professionally premiered, this, the last, is, in my opinion as an author, the best of them.

Inspired by the last years of life of Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist, now deceased, she speaks of the decline of life, emotional deficiencies, ideological transformations as well as social and individual decline.

Premiered at the Sala Muntaner in Barcelona by Lita Claver “la Maña”, in one of her few dramatic roles, it obtained public recognition even though it was completely ignored by critics (there can be no other explanation than the fact that it was politically incorrect).

It can be purchased on Amazon.

It is from here that I look at the moon I wrote this play a few years ago and it was the 1999 Caja España Prize, premiered in Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Madrid, Tunisia, Berlin, Lisbon (in Portuguese version) and at an international theater festival in Quebec (Canada) where one of the Leading actors won the award for best male performance.

The play takes place at the beginning of the 90s, in New York, and deals with the “casual” meeting at night in Central Park between two old friends, schoolmates. Their lives have gone down different paths, but what is the truth in all that they tell?

It can be purchased on Amazon.

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