What is meant by a serious or chronic psychological disorder?

When a person has been in psychological or psychiatric treatment for years or has tried all kinds of therapies, or is highly medicated, and with a high level of emotional or psychological suffering, or with a high inability to lead a more or less normal life, we can say that we are talking about a serious or chronic psychological disorder.

But we have to differentiate two types, those that have already become structural, as is the case with many schizophrenias, and those that cannot necessarily be explained by causal issues, for example major depressions that are prolonged over time.

In the first case something can always be done but, honestly, the intervention is complex and it is very difficult to guarantee results, but when we are not talking about the psychotic spectrum in its most extreme or acute states, in the rest of the problems it is possible, in some cases , make interventions that can become positive in the patient’s life, especially if he is young.

Sometimes the underlying elements are yet to be discovered, or strong enough links with the patient have not been established to allow them to have a foothold from which to begin to improve.

The point is that sometimes more attention has been paid to the diagnosis, the label, than the person, and the patient may feel helpless because he or she has not truly “connected” with him or her until reaching the key that generates the point. turning into the problem.

My experience with national and international patients of different severity levels allows me to determine, relatively early, the possibilities that I, as a psychologist, have to help the person who consults me.

Therapy modality

The therapy that I apply is an integrating model between the analytical (delving into the history and psyche of the patient) and the experiential (leading to real change in life), that is, the first and most fundamental thing is to know the true personality of the patient and the circumstances experienced to start working with the intention of untying those negative elements that oppress him as well as developing the positive ones that are in latency but have not been activated.

Therapies have an average duration of between six months and two years, with a weekly or biweekly frequency.

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