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27 December, 2021

Art and the body in depression and anxiety

Psychological problems are sometimes treated with a mixture of medication and guidelines. If the mind does not react, one or both parts are changed. Nothing to say.
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9 December, 2021

Obsessive Disorder from a symbolic perspective

When we are asked what psychological line we follow at IPITIA, the centre I direct, to treat OCD, we always answer that it is an eclectic and integrative line, an analytical-experiential method...
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1 December, 2021

A reflection on Covid

I am not the person to speak on this subject as I am neither an epidemiologist nor a scientist, but I consider myself a more or less informed citizen.
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16 November, 2021

Gender identities, symbols, archetypes and the collective unconscious

"How easy it would all be if gender and biological sex could be directly identified, and once this was done we could define everything under the parameter of heterosexual orientation".
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29 September, 2021

Homosexuality and homophobia

Based on the recent ecclesiastical scandal in Catalonia, vox populi, and which I, like others, can only perceive as a smokescreen of which not even the first layer, the alleged motive, is entirely true, I would like to make a psychological reflection on this reality, more widespread than it seems, of homophobic homosexuals.
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31 July, 2021

Science, psychology and the concept of the human being

Paul Fayerabend, who was a professor, among others, at Harvard University, said that "of all the ways of thinking that man has developed, science is one of them, but not necessarily the best".
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28 June, 2021

On psychological disorders

In this article I would like to explain my idea of why psychological disorders occur.
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3 June, 2021

Liza Minnelli and cheese

As I said in one of my previous writings here is the article about the star and the dairy product.
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