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4 January, 2023

The aristocracy of the spirit and mental health

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has just passed away.
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21 November, 2022

The broken mirror and the multiplicity of forms

This past weekend I attended a conference, via zoom, on the feminine and the psyche in Jung, organised by the French society of analytical psychology.
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25 May, 2022

Tom Cruise, resilience and the norm

Tom Cruise is one of the last actors, Hollywood stars, who approach cinema as a spectacle.
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12 May, 2022

The return to reality (or the mysterious meaning of monasticism)

A therapeutic case
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5 May, 2022

The shadow and the facts

The "shadow", in Jung, represents those unconscious aspects, in many cases latent, close to consciousness and which, if not progressively integrated, through the knowledge provided by analysis (psychoanalysis) can condition our existence through actions...
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17 February, 2022

Finding the meaning of life

A part of the population, especially but not only young people, has difficulties in finding a deeper meaning to life, especially in times of crisis.
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27 December, 2021

Art and the body in depression and anxiety

Psychological problems are sometimes treated with a mixture of medication and guidelines. If the mind does not react, one or both parts are changed. Nothing to say.
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9 December, 2021

Obsessive Disorder from a symbolic perspective

When we are asked what psychological line we follow at IPITIA, the centre I direct, to treat OCD, we always answer that it is an eclectic and integrative line, an analytical-experiential method...
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1 December, 2021

A reflection on Covid

I am not the person to speak on this subject as I am neither an epidemiologist nor a scientist, but I consider myself a more or less informed citizen.
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16 November, 2021

Gender identities, symbols, archetypes and the collective unconscious

"How easy it would all be if gender and biological sex could be directly identified, and once this was done we could define everything under the parameter of heterosexual orientation".
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