Otra perspectiva en el tratamiento
del TOC y de las Adicciones

Damián Ruiz is a Jungian psychologist and analyst born and living in Barcelona who has developed an eclectic and integrative methodology, which he calls analytic-experiential, for the treatment of obsessive disorders.

This methodology conceives the improvement, significant reduction and even, in some cases, the possible overcoming of obsessive symptoms through a work that combines the analysis of personal history and of the unconscious elements trapped in fear and guilt, with instinctive and emotional activation through experiences to be carried out in the patient’s own life reality.

His other line of work is the treatment of addictions with a progressive approach that consists of bringing the patient, through awareness of both learned and unconscious mechanisms, to a deep need for change with the intention of generating a profound transformation of their functioning and life beliefs.

Abandoning addictions not by repression or containment but by reaching a high level of awareness that prevents them, in a natural way, from continuing with the addiction, producing significant changes in their lifestyle.

It is a complex path full of difficulties, but it is possible.

Libros Publicados

Fuerte, libre y noble  (Libro de reflexiones y ejercicios psicológicos de autoconocimiento)

Cómo dejar la cocaína (Psicología: Adicciones)

Hombre (Un libro de ilustraciones y reflexiones en forma de aforismos sobre el hombre contemporáneo y su lugar en el mundo.)

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