Psychologist and Jungian analyst in Barcelona and online.

29 September, 2023

About suicide

According to the WHO, one million people commit suicide every year in the world and ten million attempt it. There...
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4 January, 2023

The aristocracy of the spirit and mental health

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has just passed away.
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21 November, 2022

The broken mirror and the multiplicity of forms

This past weekend I attended a conference, via zoom, on the feminine and the psyche in Jung, organised by the French society of analytical psychology.
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25 May, 2022

Tom Cruise, resilience and the norm

Tom Cruise is one of the last actors, Hollywood stars, who approach cinema as a spectacle.
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12 May, 2022

The return to reality (or the mysterious meaning of monasticism)

A therapeutic case
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5 May, 2022

The shadow and the facts

The "shadow", in Jung, represents those unconscious aspects, in many cases latent, close to consciousness and which, if not progressively integrated, through the knowledge provided by analysis (psychoanalysis) can condition our existence through actions...
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17 February, 2022

Finding the meaning of life

A part of the population, especially but not only young people, has difficulties in finding a deeper meaning to life, especially in times of crisis.
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Therapies I do

Treatment of OCD

Face-to-face and online therapy (in Spanish, Catalan and French)

Face-to-face therapy takes place in Barcelona, at IPITIA’s headquarters.

Personalised sessions 

(assessment and counselling sessions for people with OCD)

The personalised sessions last four hours and are preferably face-to-face, although they can also be carried out online. They are aimed at all those people who want to obtain a more direct and intensive assessment and guidance on their psychological problem.

In this case, the face-to-face sessions are not held at the IPITIA headquarters, but the place is agreed with the patient.

These sessions are conducted in Spanish, Catalan and French; for English or Italian, the presence of a psychologist who is a native speaker of one of the two languages is required.

All of this is done in the strictest confidentiality.

Jungian analysis

Jungian analysis or therapy, face-to-face or online (in Spanish, Catalan and French).

For more information, please contact IPITIA:

+34 935282353

+34 637669160

or you can write to me personally at

Psychological therapy and speciality

On this website you will find information in the form of videos, articles and descriptions about the psychotherapeutic work of Damián Ruiz, Psychologist (member of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia) and Jungian Analyst (member of IAAP, International Association of Analytical Psychology) who has his face-to-face consultation in Barcelona although international online consultation is done in different languages.

Damián Ruiz is also the director of a psychology center (IPITIA) in his city, has written psychological and literary works, and has taught as associate professor and master’s degree in two universities.

He works with problems such as obsessive disorder, for which he developed a specific, analytical-experiential method, cocaine addiction and other issues of some seriousness. But his main motivation is to help people to find themselves, get rid of unnecessary fears, integrating latent but not entirely known aspects, and deepen their being until they can glimpse the essential and archetypal elements that, if activated, can help them. to find your place in life.

Problems such as depression, also in severe and chronic cases, high anxiety or lack of meaning in life and the social isolation of young people are some of the issues on which he has also worked.

In the blog you can read from his presentation presented at the IAAP congress in Vienna, in 2019, to articles on social issues that can affect the psychic life of people, and in the “About me” section you can find both his works theater such as his books “Free the monkey, rescue the princess” and “How to stop, or make it stop, cocaine.”


Videos on different topics such as guilt, psychological therapy of severe and chronic cases, or one on genetic predisposition.

Junguian analysis

Process of exploration of the unconscious with a clear intention: the liberation of the self, the best and most integrated expression of oneself in life.

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