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1 December, 2021

A reflection on Covid

I am not the person to speak on this subject as I am neither an epidemiologist nor a scientist, but I consider myself a more or less informed citizen.
Nor do I have any idea what the origin of this coronavirus is, whether it escaped from a laboratory, whether it was manufactured or whether it passed from animal (bats?) to man. And I don’t want to speculate either, but I am afraid that it exists, it exists and it can kill in some or many cases.

Nor can I imagine Angela Merkel, for me the most responsible and sensible politician of the last decades in Europe, and who will soon leave office, taking arbitrary decisions against the interests of her population and in collusion with Bill Gates and the elites who supposedly want to inoculate us with a microchip to control us and, when they want, press a button and make us disappear, or make us all buy the latest Apple ipad as the case may be.

In other words, the virus exists.

What I do believe is that the alarm that its existence generated in the international scientific community, starting with the ponderous Dr. Fauci (the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States who has already worked with the wayward Trump) and followed by health authorities around the world precipitated the creation of vaccines that, perhaps yes, were accelerated more than, under normal conditions, would require such a procedure in order to be approved.

So the denialists may be right about one thing, and that is that vaccines, besides being more gene therapy than orthodox vaccines, have not been fully proven to have any effect on humans, not in the short term, but in the medium and long term.

I can imagine Merkel, I am still with the leader, asking what the risks of vaccines are and what the advantages are, and what would and would not happen if the bulk of the population were to be vaccinated or not. And based on that, she decided.
And she decided, like the vast majority of world leaders, that the population should be vaccinated.

From that point on, I am in favour of individual freedom and also of the measures that the authorities take (except for confinement, which I believe is, or should be, beyond their powers) depending on the progress or decline of the pandemic.

The freedom of the individual is important as well as the health of the collective and I imagine that there must be scientists of all ideologies, left-wing, right-wing, communist, neoliberal, etc. And what has been chosen, probably, is the lesser evil.

My family and I have been vaccinated, but I have total respect for those who do not want to do so, of course.

Damián Ruiz
Barcelona, 28 November, 2021


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