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Freedom and evolution

Freedom and Evolution (Procedure)

“When rationality is truly combined with irrationality, we begin to go beyond both. Then something else is created, something extraordinary that is timeless and yet totally new, we begin to see the illogical of all that is normally considered reasonable and we are faced with an implacable logic, of a fascinating coherence, which we could apparently reject for completely absurd ”.

“In the dark places of knowledge”, Peter Kingsley

On many occasions the talents and potentialities that remain latent in certain individuals, whether they know it or not, present difficulties in emerging because social conditioning factors as well as personal fears and inhibitions impede their development. Those capacities are trapped in stereotypes, in more or less clever strategic procedures and waiting for that, one way or another and sooner or later, the true qualities will come to light, someone will recognize them and everything will begin to change.

Hence, today, and for years, self-help books have been read with all kinds of methods and strategies, coaches are hired to advance and commit to certain lines of action and procedures adjusted to a realistic logic are followed, sometimes combined with the visualization exercises of present or future elements that could materialize. And I won’t be the one to say they don’t work, because they probably do.

Instead, the ancient Greek and Roman mythologies, through their gods, represented the different alchemical forces, actually biochemical, that underlie human nature, that is, in its physical organization: read neurotransmitters, hormones, nerve impulses, etc. In such a way that Hades or Pluto, god of hell and of the dark worlds, could have a certain parallel with the deficits of serotonin reuptake in people who suffer from depression and instead, the strength of Zeus or Jupiter and their capacity of “launching rays” in a sometimes arbitrary way to annihilate or awaken “the others”, we could connect it with the recovery of the biochemical balance of the brain through the generation of endorphins in a massive and continuous way.

The point is that behind all the ancestral knowledge collected in the different mythological, religious and mystical traditions, there are keys of practical intervention to help produce changes in circumstances of blockage and paralysis in people.

On the other hand, for years I dedicated myself, parallel to my training as a Jungian psychologist and analyst, to the reading and study of certain philosophical or mystical texts, such as the Bible, the I Ching, the Bhagavad-gītā, to read about Taoism, Buddhism, Christian alchemy, as well as essays on the practice of ancestral traditions in all those aspects that were related to liberation processes.

I was always interested in discovering the metaphorical and symbolic keys of what today could be translated into clearly scientific names.

Science, as we know it today, is nothing more than the culmination of a knowledge that for centuries developed through other channels, mainly through contemplation, meditation, “incubation”, and trial and error at its level. more experimental.

The point is that today rituals based on the use of substances such as ayahuasca are in vogue, to a lesser degree with peyote, and this in order to access, supposedly, high levels of self-knowledge and awareness. But my question has always been, and it is something I have investigated, is it possible to achieve, in healthy people and without mental risk, trance or dissolution states without the use of any hallucinogens? And my answer is yes, what’s more, I believe that you can reach that state without losing consciousness and having clarity at all times about what you are experiencing.

It is fundamentally about activating the person through music, movement and breathing, as well as reunifying them later through silence, order, and channeling the unblocked energies. It is fundamentally a psycho-corporeal work aimed at psychologically healthy people, that is, they do not present any type of psychic vulnerability trait before this procedure, and who wish to achieve greater awareness and freedom in a more visceral and direct way, as well as a strong determination in target your life goals.

Who is this procedure for?

First of all, it must be said that it is a “non-therapeutic” process, therefore it is not a psychological treatment for any mental or emotional disorder or problem. That said, it is aimed at all those people, of legal age, who, in conditions of adequate mental and emotional stability, want to free themselves from blockages, fears, irrational guilt, inhibitions, insecurities, low self-esteem, lack of daring and courage, to thus being able to position oneself vitally, at the biosocial level, in a stronger, more firm and decisive way.

In order to access this type of activity, it will be essential to previously carry out one or two interviews in which the vital, psychological and emotional circumstances of the patient will be analyzed and, if it is considered suitable to access this psycho-body work, it will be explained exhaustively what will be done and what can be expected of it.

Payment will be made by sessions, therefore there will be no commitment to continuity.


The sessions will be face-to-face and, for now, individual.



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